Trim Kote Car Trim Restorer - Black & Gray 16 oz


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Trim Kote is the best car trim restorer on the market, it will restore faded black & gray plastic and vinyl trim. Use Trim Kote to restore plastic mirror housings, door handles, wheel flairs, bumper trim, body side moldings, wind dams, tailgate handles, bed liners, plastic rocker panels, golf cart trim, virtually any exterior plastic or vinyl trim that has a grainy finish to it. 

Trim Kote Car Trim Restorer in packaged in a 16 oz. bottle and is enough product to restore up to 800 door handles! This product is not a “dressing” but an actual dye that will not wash off and should last 1-2 years easily without having to reapply. Before using Trim Kote Car Trim Restorer prepare the area to be restored with rubbing alcohol and mask off that area with safe release painters tape. Drying time is usually about 10-15 minutes depending on the room or outside temperature. Once dry you can apply our Revival conditioner to make the finish “pop.” Reapplying Revival after every other car wash will keep your trim looking new year-round.

Unlike those thinner water-based products that are applied like shoe polish, Trim Kote products are thicker and don't require multiple applications. Trim Kote is a dye. It is not a silicone cover-up. A must-have product for the professional detailer or car enthusiast!

With this purchase you receive (1) 16 oz bottle of Black Trim Kote & (1) 16 oz bottle of Gray Trim Kote. You will be saving about $4.00 by ordering this package deal of both car trim restorers.

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Do not allow this product to freeze, if it does freeze the product will not return to a liquid state and cannot be used.

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