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Our Trim Kote car trim restorer is a dye that makes automotive plastic trim look brand new again! Door handles, mirrors, wheel flairs, bumper trim, vinyl body side moldings, running board plastic inserts, bed liners, virtually any exterior plastic or vinyl trim that has a grainy finish to it. You can also this auto reconditioning service to golf courses and restore the plastic trim on their golf carts!

Used car dealers have begged to have a product that will renew ugly, faded door handles to like-new condition. Dressings wear off quickly however, Trim Kote is a dye that will not streak or run-off on the paint. Trim Kote will dry in only a few minutes and it is silicone free, making it perfect to use in body shops!

Our Automotive Car Trim Restorer Business Opportunity Kit
comes with (2) 16 oz bottles of Trim Kote - (1) Black & (1) Gray. Each bottle is enough to restore up to 800 door handles. You also receive a nifty storage cart which you can use as a stool to sit on while restoring the door handles and it makes for an excellent storage container for the supplies needed which are also included.

The storage cart is on wheels and can be easily carted around the used car lot. Also included are 2 rolls of shop towels, 2 rolls of painters safe release masking tape, 1 box of 100 nitrile gloves, complete instructions, and on-going support for as long as you need it. This is a great opportunity to add to your current auto reconditioning or auto detailing business.

Be the first in your area to offer a service that not many offers. If you have an auto detailing business you should carefully inspect the plastic trim on the vehicle you are about to work on and if you think that the Trim Kote will make a big difference, propose your restoration service to your customer. For retail customers you should be able to charge $5 per door handle, $10 per mirror, $20-$30 per bumper cover, $15-$20 per fender flair, $50 for bed liners, $5 for each mud flap, $20 for cowl vents, $50 for soft tops, and $8 each for wiper arms. If multiple components on a vehicle need restored you may want to reduce your price and offer a package price of possibly 10%-15% off.

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Do not allow this product to freeze, if it does freeze the product will not return to a liquid state and cannot be used.

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