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Our Premium Brush Kit consists of 15 popular Car Wash Brushes ranging from scrubbing, cleaning and detailing brushes. This car wash brush kit will allow you to thoroughly complete a detail, inside & out.

Whats In The Box?
  • Medium Duty Tire Brush (1) - perfect for scrubbing black wall tires. Also, use this brush to remove dirt and grime from non clear coated wheels, wheel wells, and tires. . . Learn More
  • Soft Grip Wheel Well Brush (1) - is the best wheel well brush made for professional use for scrubbing wheel wells. . . Learn More
  • Soft Flagged Bristle Brush (1) - is the perfect soft bristle brush to use for dressing your tires, cleaning your wheels, and even cleaning interior components of the vehicle. . . Learn More
  • Soft Grip Slot Wheel Brush (1) - is great to clean between the slots and spokes of wheels. . . Learn More
  • Brass Whitewall Brush (1) - has stiff brass bristles which will quickly and effectively remove dirt, grime, and curb scuff marks from white wall and white lettered tires. . . Learn More
  • Carpet, Mat & Inner Fender Brush (1) - is excellent for cleaning carpets, mats and even inner-fenders. . . Learn More
  • Carpet & Upholstery Scrub Brush (1) - features a sure-grip handle for controlled cleaning of interior upholstered seats, carpet and door panels. . . Learn More
  • Car Interior Utility Scrub Brush (1) - is an excellent all purpose gentle but very effective scrubbing brush for your vehicles interior. . . Learn More
  • Large Cone Brush (1) - is a very uniquely designed brush that uses stiff tampico bristles to give excellent cleaning capabilities for in-between wheel spokes as well as slotted front grill areas. . . Learn More
  • Dash & AC Vent Brush (1) - is a great cleaning and dusting brush that can be used on interior AC vents, around dash & radio buttons & knobs, instrument panels and door arm rest panels. . . Learn More
  • Tooth Brush Styled Nylon Brush (1) - for spots or getting into small inaccessible areas on carpet, upholstery and vinyl crevices and cracks. . . Learn More
  • Step Panel, Mat & Carpet Brush (1) - has a smaller, compact base with stiff nylon bristles ideal to clean grooved step entry plates, pedals and even tough stains on carpets, mats and interior door panels. . . Learn More
  • Dual Purpose Tooth Brush Styled Brush (1) - is a one of a kind, dual purpose brush great for cleaning and detailing the smallest areas. . . Learn More
  • Horse Hair Detail Brush (1) - is constructed of fine, horsehair bristles that are staple-set in a wooden handle. . . Learn More
  • Paint Brush Styled Detail Brush (1) - is constructed of thick nylon bristles, great to be used on seat pleats, dash area, and console cracks & crevices. . . Learn More

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