Black Cherry Car Wash Soap With Wax

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The Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax is an extremely popular and effective car wash shampoo that removes dirt and grime while leaving a glossy finish.  An environmentally friendly product that smells wonderful, this wash is safe, easy to use, and offers premier paint protection.  Use as a stress-free one-step cleaning process or as a starting point for further detailing.

Features & Details:

Dirt and road spray is no match for the Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax.  This product is designed to break down and loosen dirt on the surface of your vehicle with ease.  Effective use for contaminants of all seasons, including dirt, salt, pollen, and dust.

Superior lubrication properties ensure your paint is safe from damage.  This wash and wax is a great lubricant between the surface of your vehicle and your wash mitt that eliminates swirls and scratches.

Polymers enhance shine and sheen.  Not only will this product clean dirt and grime, but polymers revitalize the brilliance of your paint and leave a glossy finish.  Truly a two-in-one product that saves you time and effort in maintaining your vehicle’s exterior.

Get a bang for your buck with the Black Cherry Car Wash Soap and Wax.  Each application requires mixing only a few ounces of the product with water.  Available in up to a 5-gallon size, one purchase can last over 100 washes!  

Ideal for regular vehicle washes or as a prep for further detailing processes.  This wash and wax is a versatile compound that can be used for quick and easy maintenance or as a base for further waxing and coating.  Not only does the black cherry scent smell amazing, it is also biodegradable.

For Best Results:

Apply 2-3oz of Black Cherry Car Wash Soap and Wax to a foam gun container or a bucket of clean water.  Use a Grit Guard Insert in your bucket to ensure that dirt and debris settle at the bottom and does not contaminate the rest of your water.

Rinse your vehicle with water before application.  For most effective results, use our Tornador Foam Gun for application.  Just add a few ounces of the product to the gun and spray your entire vehicle to cover it in a layer of soapy suds.

Use a Microfiber Chenille Mitt to wash the surface by hand.  Rinse off with water once you are finished.

Try our Master Blaster Car Dryer to blow dry every crack and crevice of your vehicle without having to touch it.  Not only is this the most effective drying method, but it’s also fun to use!  You can also dry by hand using a Microfiber Jumbo Drying Towel.

Available in a Pint, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for a freight quote or we will contact you after your order)

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