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Product Details
Use the Carpet Extractor Defoamer to keep foam and suds to a minimum in the extractor recovery tank. Dispense a few ounces directly into the recovery tank. This will help keep vacuum motors from becoming inoperable. You can also spray a mist of defoamer directly onto the carpet to break-up the suds or spray a few squirts directly into the spray wand.

Features & Details:

Minimize suds that build up in recovery tanks.  When foam builds up in extractor tanks, it can cause rust, corrosion, and extensive damage to your vacuum motor and armature.  The Extractor Defoamer stops excessive foaming that threatens the life of extractors.

Save time and money on repairs.  Extractors are expensive machines and repairing them can be costly.  The Extractor Defoamer will save problems down the road, increasing efficiency and adding longevity to your machine.

Concentrated formula will last a long time.  You only need to add a few ounces of Extractor Defoamer to the extractor recovery tank per use.  A gallon of the defoamer solution could last up to 60 extraction sessions!

Spray directly onto the carpet to break down suds.  Another way to use the Extractor Defoamer is to spray a mist directly onto the carpet or into the spray wand to minimize foaming before it reaches the tank.

Avoid clogging that slows extraction power.  The residue that results from foaming can prevent your extractor from absorbing dirt and grime from carpet and upholstery.  Using the Extractor Defoamer on a regular basis ensures that you can extract to the maximum ability of your machine.

For Best Results:

Dispense a few ounces of Extractor Soap directly into the recovery tank of your extractor before use.  You can also spray it directly onto the carpet or in your spraying wand.

Just one easy step to add longevity to your extractor and prevent future issues!

Available in a Quart and 1 Gallon.

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