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The Detail King Automotive Odor Removal System utilizes a chlorine dioxide vapor generator to eliminate extremely foul odors in less than 24 hours!  This product doesn’t mask odors – it completely exterminates them, penetrating every affected interior component with deodorizing power.

Features & Details:

Chlorine dioxide compound is one of the safest and most powerful odor removal systems known to man.  This compound has been used in agricultural, food, and water treatment industries for over 50 years.  Why use anything else?

Remove the harshest of odors.  The Automotive Odor Removal System will eliminate lingering odors from mold, mildew, tobacco smoke, skunks, spoiled food, gasoline, sour milk, vomit, urine, and pet stains.

Each chlorine dioxide cup provides 200 to 300 square feet of coverage.  This product has an enormous range of coverage that can remove odors from very large vehicles such as RVs.  It doesn’t mask odors; it destroys them for good!

Applicable to more than just cars and trucks.  The Chlorine Dioxide Cup can be used to clear foul odors from boats, houses, hotel rooms, freezers, and other confined spaces.  Great to have on hand for emergencies.

Highly concentrated power works quickly.  The Chlorine Dioxide Cup Odor Removal System releases 15 to 20 ppm (parts per million) for the first two hours, and 5 ppm for another hour.  After 5-6 hours, there will be zero ppm in your vehicle.  In less than a day, your vehicle will be odorless!

For Best Results:

Place the deodorizing microreactor pouch into the given cup and slowly pour the activation liquid onto the pouch.  Place the cup in a cupholder or on the center console of your vehicle.

Cleaning vapors will be released within minutes.  Leave the cup in your vehicle for 3-6 hours depending on the severity of the odor.

Once finished, you may wish to decontaminate your venting system.  If so, start your vehicle and let it run for 30 minutes with the fan on recycle (without the AC running.)

After the odor has been removed, open your doors and windows for an hour so the vehicle can ventilate.  Dispose of the cup.

And just like that, without having to exert any effort, your car is free of putrid odors!  

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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