Cyclo Hook and Loop Backing Pads (4 Pair): White, Green, Orange, & Yellow



  • 8 Pack of Each

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When you purchase these Cyclo 4 Inch Foam Buffing Pads, you receive 4 pair each of Cyclo White Finishing, Green Glazing, Orange Heavy Glazing, and Yellow Compounding pads. These pads have hook & loop backing (velcro) giving them an easy on & easy off application to your Cyclo Polisher.

Size: 4"

Whats In The Box?

Pads (4 pair each):

• Cyclo Yellow Compounding Pads (single sided) - is for maximum cutting action on paint finishes with heavy oxidation or medium duty scratches in the clear coat. . . Learn More

• Cyclo Orange Heavy Glazing Pads (single sided) - is for medium duty polishing and light compounding action. You would use these pads for paint that needs medium paint correction. . . Learn More

• Cyclo White Finishing Pads (single sided) - is for final polishing or application of paint sealant or wax. These are our least aggressive foam pads for the Cyclo Polisher. . . Learn More

• Cyclo Green Glazing Pads (single sided) - is for light polishing action. You would use these pads for paint that is in relatively good shape. . . Learn More

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased Cyclo Pro Guard Backing Plates, you will need one pair for your Cyclo Polisher to use these single sided pads.

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $163.20, you save $20.25
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