Cyclo Stiff Bristle Scrub Brushes - Black (1 Pair)

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Product Details
This black bristle Cyclo Brush has stiff bristles that are good to use for scrubbing bed liners, white walls, and other components that need very aggressive scrubbing. These brushes are perfect for accommodating the auto detailer who does over sized vehicles such as trucks, suv's, & rv's.

This Cyclo Brush is also perfect for home use too!
It does an outstanding job when it comes to scrubbing and cleaning tile floors, grout, stone floors, & patios.

What Products To Use?

Since these Cyclo Brushes can be very versatile, Detail King offers and suggests an array of products depending on the intended use of these brushes.
If you are looking to deep clean bedliners and other components that need heavy scrubbing, Special Force is your go to product. If you are in need of cleaning white walled & black walled tires, than our Tire & Whitewall Cleaner will fit you perfectly. Other product recommendations are Detail King's Green Stuff Magnum Degreaser and Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser!

*Top Recommendations

Special Force PLUS All Purpose - is a powerful, all-purpose, non-caustic cleaner. Special Force PLUS is very concentrated and can be used on just about any exterior component of a vehicle. This product works well on fiberglass, cloth & vinyl convertible roofs, truck bed tonneau covers, bed liners, door jambs, boat interiors, hub caps, grills, plastic bumper covers, running boards, wheel wells and much more! . . . Learn More

Tire & White Wall Cleaner - is a super concentrated, caustic, heavy-duty cleaning product that will aggressively and easily clean the dirtiest tires, white walls and raised white lettered tires. This product contains a darkening agent and actually "darkens out" the rubber so when the tires are dressed they actually look like new and have a great shine to them! . . . Learn More
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