Cyclo Polisher "Interior Scrubber" Value Package

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Product Details
Take your car interior cleaning game to the next level with Detail King’s Cyclo Interior Scrubber Value Package! This value priced kit includes everything you will need to quickly and proficiently scrub car interior carpets, mats and upholstery. The Cyclo is not only a great polisher, but a very efficient electric scrubber too.

What Can This Package Do?

Using the Cyclo polisher as a scrubber will cut your car interior scrubbing time in half and actually do a allow for a more thorough cleaning which should knock your customers socks off and lead to more repeat business and referrals while also saving you labor time.
We also include our best car interior cleaning and odor elimination products plus the essential brushes you will need to use with your new Cyclo to scrub carpets, extremely dirty mats, delicate leather and velour seating surfaces.

Whats In The Box?

Polisher (single):

• Cyclo Dual Head Polisher Model 5 Pro (Non-Variable Speed) - This Cyclo Polisher Model 5 Mark II w/Pro Guard Plates (NON Variable Speed), has an easy to use on/off rocker switch, improved ergonomic handle design, new brush holder with stepped profile for replacement without special tool, and an improved body.. . . Learn More

Brushes (1 pair each):

• Black Stiff Scrub Brushes
- has stiff bristles that are good to use for scrubbing bed liners, white walls, and other components that need very aggressive scrubbing. . . Learn More

• White Carpet Shampooing Brushes - are designed for vigorous cleaning to scrub heavily soiled carpets, floor mats and convertible tops. . . Learn More

• Aqua Soft Shampooing Brushes - are ideal for shampooing fabric upholstery and carpets, and cleaning vinyl convertible tops. . . Learn More

• Gray Ultra Soft Upholstery Brushes - are for delicate surfaces such as leather, upholstery, and natural fiber fine carpets. Each bristle is "flagged", a technique that splits ends into multiple fine tips. . . Learn More

Chemicals (gallon):

• Magic Cleaner Concentrate - is the best interior car cleaner that we offer. Magic Cleaner is an excellent, concentrated, all-purpose cleaning product that is very effective for cleaning automotive carpets, fabric seats, vinyl and plastic trim. . . Learn More

• Extractor Soap - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime. . . Learn More

• Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo - is an orange colored, thick, high foaming, properly pH balanced heavy-duty car carpet shampoo that will quickly and effectively break-down and loosen dirt, grease and grime. . . Learn More

• Bio-Zyme Enzyme Interior Cleaner  - is a synergistic blend of bacterial enzymes which breakdown organic stains, grease, and oils. . . Learn More

• Hot Shot Stain Remover (2 - 19 oz) - is an excellent spot and stain remover. A non-solvent based product that works instantly once sprayed to loosen and help remove heavier grease, grime, tar spots, most stains, and gum from carpets and upholstery. . . Learn More

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $748.37, you save $47.88