Cyclo Polisher Model 5 Mark II w/ProGuard Plates (NON Variable Speed)

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This Cyclo Polisher Model 5 Mark II w/Pro Guard Plates (NON Variable Speed), has an easy to use on/off rocker switch, improved ergonomic handle design, new brush holder with stepped profile for replacement without special tool, and an improved body.

The patented polishing mechanisms ensure smooth, swirl-free polishing with every use. 

The included ProGuard Backing Plates have hook and loop fasteners to hold Cyclo Pads securely. The ProGuard Plates have rubber bumpers to protect the vehicle against accidental impact.

Whats in the Box?

• (2) ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates
• (2) Silver Weighted Inserts
• (1) L Hex-Key Wrench
• (1) Flat Wrench


• Electrical: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 220 Watts
• Motor: Alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator
• Speed: 3000 orbits/minute
• Output: 1/3 H.P. (.25 Kw)
• Weight: 6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
• Head Rotation: Clockwise
• Head Diameter: 4"
• Electric Cord: 10' L
• Housing: Heavy-duty cast aluminum, double insulated
• Warranty: 3 Years 

History Of The Cyclo Polisher:

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher has been polishing planes, automobiles, and RVs since 1953, when they received patents on their orbital polishing mechanisms. That same year, the company received approval from the US government to polish the military's aircraft and missiles. 

The Cyclo Polisher is still used today to polish the Air Force One fleet. With a track record like that, we just had to see what the Cyclo Polisher is all about. This is what we found out: 

The Cyclo Polisher is the only dual-head polisher on the market. Both heads move in an orbital motion, counter-clockwise. The idea is to simulate hand polishing but at a much faster rate. Going over a scratch or swirl with both heads ensures that you are attacking it from all sides, so to speak. No matter what angle you look at the paint, you will not see the former blemish. It's the fool-proof polisher!


The Cyclo Polisher's dual heads give you a balanced polish every time. Single-head polishers require the user to balance the polisher. The Cyclo Polisher stands on two heads so it is self-balancing. The heads rest flatly on the surface of your vehicle so there is no danger of nicking the paint with the edge of a backing plate. There is no need to press the polisher flat on the paint; its own weight is enough to provide an even, flawless polish. The Cyclo Polisher is also able to cover more ground than a single-head polisher. 

The two heads can perform two different functions simultaneously. Put a light cutting pad on the head you are going to lead with, and a polishing pad on the other head. This technique allows you to refine the paint as you remove imperfections. It saves time and you get fantastic results. The Cyclo Polisher will probably outlast your vehicle! Each Cyclo Dual-Head Polisher is expertly machined, manually polished, and hand-fitted to ensure longevity. Every part of the polisher is serviceable and replaceable. Some fifty-year-old Cyclo Polishers are still in use today! 

The Cyclo Polisher has an accessory for every purpose. Quality pads and bonnets make the Cyclo Polisher perfect for compounding, polishing, waxing, and glazing. Pads attach to the heads by way of hook & loop pad holders or backing plates for quick and easy pad replacement. The Cyclo Polisher isn't just for vehicle care. This versatile machine is also excellent for cleaning carpet, upholstery,& convertible roofs using the available carpet brushes. The dual motion of the heads is great for extracting stains from deep carpet or scrubbing filthy convertible tops! 

Cyclo's Vibration Elimination System (VES) is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and is composed of a completely redesigned counterweight and precision matched, weighted inserts. Prior to this innovation the Cyclo Model 5 polisher imparted only about one-tenth the vibration of traditional rotary and dual action polishers. With the introduction of the new Cyclo VES, the amount of vibration is reduced even further and nearly eliminated. 

Be sure and check out our other Cyclo Departments which feature single sided foam pads, wool buffing pads, terry and microfiber bonnets, all sorts of scrubbing brushes and other popular Cyclo Polisher accessories. We include a Flat Wrench, Drive Pad Heads and our own Cyclo Polisher Operating Guide with every Cyclo Polisher sold individually or with any of our Value Packages.

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