Cyclo Shampoo Scrub Brushes - White (1 Pair)

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  • 2 Pack

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Product Details
These Cyclo Polisher Upholstery Brushes are excellent for scrubbing carpets, dirty mats, vinyl tops, vinyl convertible roofs, and tonneau covers. These work great in large carpeted areas like SUV cargo areas, mini vans, etc.

What Products To Use?

Since these Cyclo Brushes can be very versatile, Detail King offers and suggests an array of products depending on the intended use of these brushes.
Use our Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo if you are looking to get down and dirty on mats and carpets! If you intend using these brushes for vinyl convertible tops, vinyl roofs, and tonneau covers than rely on Detail King's Special Force to get the job done, the right way. No matter your interior jobs call for, Detail King has all the leading class products right here!

*Top Recommendations

• Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo - is an orange colored, thick, high foaming, properly pH balanced heavy-duty car carpet shampoo that will quickly and effectively break-down and loosen dirt, grease and grime. . . Learn More

Special Force PLUS All Purpose - is a powerful, all-purpose, non-caustic cleaner. Special Force PLUS is very concentrated and can be used on just about any exterior component of a vehicle. This product works well on fiberglass, cloth & vinyl convertible roofs, truck bed tonneau covers, bed liners, door jambs, boat interiors, hub caps, grills, plastic bumper covers, running boards, wheel wells and much more! . . . Learn More
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