Cyclo VES™ Silver Weighted Insert for DoublePrecision Pads (1 Pair)



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The Cyclo VES™ Silver Weighted Insert for Double Precision Pads is part of Cyclo's Vibration Elimination System. The Weighted Insert perfectly balances the weight of Cyclo's Double Precision Pads to provide the operator with a smoother motion with virtually no vibration. VES Weighted Inserts are sold one pair per pack.

Detail King Cyclo Polishers are now equipped with the New Vibration Elimination System. The Cyclo vibration dampening counterweight system is one of the most significant advancements in anti-vibration technology. Featuring different set ups, users can customize their polisher configuration for improved comfort and control. Reduces the potential for permanent damage to nerve endings, joints, and muscles.

Other counterweights are pre-installed on the Cyclo Model 5 Polisher with VES, and two weighted inserts are included that work with Cyclo's standard hook and loop pads (velcro). If you want to use Cyclo Double Precision Pads, Cyclo recommends using these optional VES Silver Weighted Inserts. The inserts are precision-matched to balance the weight of the Double Precision Pads and quick connect adapters. You can also use these weights if using the Cyclo Brushes, it is not mandatory though, the weights that come standard with the Cyclo Polisher and our single sided pad packages are fine, too.

To get the maximum benefit of the Vibration Elimination System (VES), it is critical to use the appropriate weighted inserts with the corresponding pads. By doing this, you can virtually eliminate the Cyclo polisher's vibration.

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher is already a very nicely balanced, comfortable-to-use polisher. It's our best selling polisher. With VES and the weighted inserts, the Cyclo is even better. The weighted inserts are easy to install and VES really does eliminate most of the vibration. The overall polishing experience is more comfortable and less fatiguing. The original Cyclo polisher was low on vibration, but the VES counter weights and weighted inserts make a noticeable difference that you can really feel.

We have just began shipping the new Cyclo Model 5 with the VES system. We automatically include the Silver Weighted Inserts with every Double Precision Value Package that we sell. If you purchase a new Cyclo Polisher after September 10th from us you will have the new VES System and you only need these Silver weights if you decide to ever use the Double Precision Pads with the optional quick connect adapters.
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