***PREORDER***Mytee Lite III 8070 Extractor & DeWalt Buffer Value Package***6-8 WEEK LEAD TIME ON EXTRACTOR***


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Here at Detail King we like to give auto detailers and car enthusiast all the tools necessary in a single place.
This DeWalt DWP849X Buffer package comes not only with the DeWalt DWP849X Buffer, but also with the Mytee Lite 8070, so that you may offer interior upholstery cleaning. This Mytee 8070 and DeWalt DWP849X Buffer Package is perfect for enabling you to do light to heavy compounding, glazing, and express waxing of the vehicle. Also, be able to offer a full interior cleaning!

What Can This Package Do?

Break out the DeWalt DWP849X Buffer and begin to remove
800 to 1,200 grit sand marks and scratches with our Diamond Cut Ultra compound. Follow up with our Blue Diamond Polish to remove light imperfections & swirls plus this product will add paint protection while restoring a wet look shine.

Finally, move on into the interior of the vehicle and go to town by performing a full detail using your Mytee 8070 Carpet Extractor.

Whats In The Box?

Buffer (single):

• DeWalt DWP849X Rotary Buffer - is a lighter, more powerful polisher designed to restore automotive paint with more comfort and control. . . Learn More

Extractor (single):

• Mytee Lite 8070 - is the perfect heated carpet extractor for mobile auto detailers and small detail shops. . . Learn More

Pads & Bonnets:

• 2 - Edge Green Heavy Glazing Pad (single sided) - is for medium duty polishing and light compounding action. You would use these pads for paint that needs medium paint correction. . . Learn More

• 2 - Edge Yellow Compounding Pad (single sided) - is for maximum cutting action on paint finishes with heavy oxidation or scratches. You would use these pads for paint that needs substantial paint correction. . . Learn More

• 1 - Edge Black Heavy Compounding Pad (single sided)
- is to be used on clear coats to remove medium to deep scratches, water spots, heavier oxidation and environmental fall-out. . . Learn More

Compounds, Polishes & Chemicals (32 oz):

• Diamond Cut Ultra - is a modern, fast acting, body shop safe, car polishing compound designed to remove 800 grit or finer sand scratches or other correctable paint blemishes. . . Learn More

• Blue Diamond - is a very unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, microsurface imperfections and light oxidation. Will provide 6-9 months protection. . . Learn More

• Extractor Soap (gal) - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime. . . Learn More

• Hot Shot Stain Remover (19 oz) - is an excellent spot and stain remover. A non-solvent based product that works instantly once sprayed to loosen and help remove heavier grease, grime, tar spots, most stains, and gum from carpets and upholstery. . . Learn More

Towels, Brushes & Applicators:

• Edge Pad Adapter (1) - easily connect and disconnect your Wave 2000 Edge double sided pads. . . Learn More

• Edge Pad Conditioning Brush (1) - is for keeping your foam pads clean and conditioned while in use. . . Learn More

• Rotary Shampoo Brush (1) - easily shampoo the carpets now by using this brush on your rotary buffer. . . Learn More

• Microfiber Super Towels 16 x 16 (2) - is our thickest, most densely woven microfiber towel we have ever offered. Made of plush ultra-microfiber, the Super Microfiber Towel boasts a luxurious 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. . . Learn More

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