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Product Details
The Dirt Lock Pad Washer System will gently and quickly clean any polishing pad within a few seconds. Simply snap the pad washer attachment into your Dirt Lock bucket filter and fill with water. Place your dirty polishing pad on the supplied hook and loop handle and spray with our pad cleaner solution. Pump up and down and side to side on the attachment for 10-20 seconds for a perfectly clean polishing pad!

Key Features:
  • Patented Venturi Spring Design pumps clean water into your buffing pads and squeezes out the dirty chemicals several times per second.
  •  Gently cleans polishing pads within 10-15 seconds and dramatically extends the pad life.
  • Does not use a machine polisher to operate.
  • Includes a storage bracket to neatly hang the kit when finished.
  • Can be used in your was bucket to clean you mitt as you dunk.

What's Included:
  • Pad Washer Attachment
  • Hook and Loop Handle
  • Storage Bracket

Optional Add On:
  • DIRT LOCK BUCKET INSERT - is designed to filter nearly 100% of your wash water using the power of your hand! It’s turbine design sends a pulse of water and debris to the bottom of the bucket every time you plunge your hand into the water...

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