Consumer Plastic Headlight Cleaning Kit

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This DIY Headlight Restoration Kit contains everything you need to restore optical clarity to dull, cloudy lens covers in 3 easy steps.

Most vehicles now have a protective, transparent, plastic lens covering the headlights. These lenses protect expensive lamps from flying stones and road debris but they discolor over time. Becoming opaque and cloudy, these lens can severely restrict the amount of light reaching the road.

This clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light. If you live in a southern state, or Hawaii, this discoloration can become noticeable in as little as 2 years.

Our Bright Solutions kit contains an additional chemical that will enable you to clean plastic surfaces like convertible roof windows and more.

Kit Includes:

• 1 oz Cleaner Solution
• Lint Free Paper Towels
• Assorted Sandpaper 
• 1 Pair Latex Gloves
• Complete Instructions
• Enough product to restore up to 2 pair headlights

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