Edge Pad Set Of Five (Single Sided)

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  • 5 Pack

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Product Details
With this set of five Edge Classic 8 Inch Foam Pads, you will be able to perform every paint correction service available. This is a great starter set for someone just getting into the auto detailing profession or a car enthusiast that wants to take care of his or her own vehicles.

Whats In The Box?

Pads (1 each):

• Edge White Finishing Pad (single sided)
- is for final polishing or application of paint sealant or wax. These are our least aggressive Edge foam pads. . . Learn More

• Edge Blue Polishing Pad (single sided) - is for light polishing action. You would use these pads for paint that is in relatively good shape. . . Learn More

• Edge Green Heavy Glazing Pad (
single sided) - is for medium duty polishing and light compounding action. You would use these pads for paint that needs medium paint correction. . . Learn More

• Edge Yellow Compounding Pad (single sided) - is for maximum cutting action on paint finishes with heavy oxidation or scratches. You would use these pads for paint that needs substantial paint correction. . . Learn More

• Edge White Heavy Compounding Pad (single sided) - is to be used on clear coats to remove medium to deep scratches, water spots, heavier oxidation and environmental fall-out. . . Learn More

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased Rotary Style Backing Plate or a Lake Country Rotary Backing Plate, you will need too for your Rotary Buffer to use these velcro backed pads.

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $64.75, you save $4.80