Wheels, Engine, & Tires Cleaning/Dressing Package


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Got wheels and engines to clean and tires to dress? Well here you go with another Detail King Money Saving Value Package. Our Break Up Wheel Brightener will clean the very dirtiest wheels quickly and easily. Detail King's Citrus Degreaser will clean greasy engine compartments to look like new! (Can also be used on dirty wheels too!)
Our Non Silicone Engine Dressing will "dress up" black rubber and plastic components under the hood to a look like new condition and is body shop safe! Simply spray our Super Blue Tire & Rubber dressing on clean tires to get a deep black reconditioned shine look!

Whats In The Box?

Exterior Chemicals & Dressings (gallon):

• Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser For Engines & Wheels - is a caustic, very powerful, concentrated cleaner & degreaser that can be used effectively to clean the dirtiest engine compartments, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, fiberglass boat bodies, and horribly dirty white vinyl convertible roofs. . . Learn More

• Brake Up Wheel Brightener - is the best wheel cleaner because it is non corrosive and will clean the dirtiest wheels in one-step. . . Learn More

• Super Blue Tire Dressing - is a premium spray-on, solvent based, tire and rubber dressing product that contains silicone. This product is long lasting and yields a superior shine and high hiding finish. . . Learn More

• Non Silicone Dressing - is an engine & tire dressing is specially formulated for use in paint and body shops where the use of silicone can create problems. This product contains no silicone, petroleum distillates or toxins, eliminating fish-eyes, fire and hazardous problems. . . Learn More

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