Engine Brush Cleaning Kit


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This Engine Cleaning Brush Kit is perfect if you are in the auto detailing business and clean and detail engine compartments! Pressure washing alone is not always enough to clean and detail really dirty & greasy engine compartments. That is why Detail King has assembled the perfect brush kit to make any engine shine!

The brushes included in our Engine Brush kit will enable you to quickly and professionally clean and detail the dirtiest engine compartments. Try our Citrus Degreaser as a great detergent along with these brushes to get your engine compartments squeaky clean!

Whats In The Box?

• Soft Flagged Bristle Brush (1) - is the perfect soft bristle brush to use for dressing your tires, cleaning your wheels, and even cleaning interior components of the vehicle. . . Learn More

• Tooth Brush Styled Nylon Brush (1) - for spots or getting into small inaccessible areas on carpet, upholstery and vinyl crevices and cracks. . . Learn More

• EZ Detail Brush (1) - is great for automobile wheels, car engine compartments, boats, bicycles, airplanes, ATV's, & wheelchairs. . . Learn More

• Small Cone Brush (1) - is a very uniquely designed brush that uses stiff tampico bristles to give excellent cleaning capabilities for in-between wheel spokes. . . Learn More

• Engine Cleaning and Detailing Brush (1) - is constructed of black horsehair bristles, making it perfect for detailers that offer engine detailing. . . Learn More

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