AQUA SEAL - Wet Surface Express Polymer Sealant

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This product can no longer ship in a 5-gallon pail quantity, although can be purchased in a 4-gallon case quantity for a discounted cost.

The Aqua Seal Wet Surface Express Polymer Sealant is an effective, easy to use sealant that offers your vehicle’s surface long-lasting protection against the elements and leaves a striking, wet-looking finish.  This product is a one-step, hand-applied paint sealant that will make you question why you ever used another product! Will protect for up to 3-4 months.

Features & Details:

Long-lasting protection.  The Aqua Seal provides protection of your vehicle’s surface for up to 16 washes.  It’s a fantastic product to apply between details and after regular washing.  Aqua Seal is hydrophobic and will wick away water and dirt with ease.

Leave your orbital polisher in the garage.  The best part about Aqua Seal?  It’s an express sealant.  No need to apply with a polisher or buffer; it can just be sprayed and wiped by hand for an easy one-step process.

Stay shining through the winter.  Winters are brutal on your car’s surface.  Snow, freezing rain, salt, slush, and road spray assault paint, wheels, and chrome.  The Aqua Seal will brush off these harsh elements, ensuring your vehicle looks pristine in unforgiving weather.

Safe on nearly all surfaces.  The Aqua Seal is safe to use on paint, trim, chrome, polished aluminum, plastic, and vinyl. 

Gentle on paint and ceramic coatings.  Some cleaning chemicals, like those in many drive-through car washes, are harsh and will remove paint protection.  The Aqua Seal won’t take away from your finish; it only adds protection and luster.

For Best Results:

Apply Aqua Seal to a clean, wet surface.  Soak a Microfiber Super Towel in water and wring it out so that it’s damp.  Spray the towel with Aqua Seal and rub it into your surface.

Wipe until the Aqua Seal disappears.  Use a dry towel to wipe any excess. 
No longer fear storms and filthy roads – the Aqua Seal wicks problems right away!
Available in a Pint, Quart, 4 Gallon, and 1 Gallon.

This product is not permitted to ship by air, it must ship by ground. If this product is included with other items that you order and you request air shipping it will not be packaged with the rest of your order. You could be charged an additional shipping fee because it must be shipped separately due to it being sent ground. This product cannot ship by mail (USPS). Please choose UPS ground.

Please note this product is known as a Limited Quantity chemical through the PA Dept. of Transportation and is not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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