Poly Express Wax

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    1 Gallon [+$42.95]


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Product Details
Express Polymer Wax is applied after the vehicle has been washed and while it is still wet. Just spray a mist on a 2’ x 2’ painted section of a clean, wet vehicle then wipe dry for an unbelievable shine and extended protection, then repeat until entire vehicle has been protected. This product eliminates the need for hand waxing in many instances and can be used by car, bus, and truck washes to protect and shine the vehicle.

This cationic polymer not only will stick to painted surfaces like glue and last up to 60 days but it will leave an awesome shine on the paint. Poly Express will also greatly reduce UV exposure, improves the clean-ability of any vehicle and is environmentally safe. For best results use only on a vehicle that was just washed and remained wet. This product is actual protection and shine vs. shine only.
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