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Product Details
The Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine is perfect for simple and effective cleaning of all painted surfaces.  Remove dust, grime, and water spots on clear coat paint and exterior surfaces with a quick spray of the compound.  Whether you just need to take care of a pesky blemish or want to spray down your entire vehicle, the Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine will leave your car sparkling clean.

Features & Details:

The Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine can be used as a speedy cleaner for the entire body of your vehicle.  Safe to use on all clear coat paint, plastic, metal, vinyl, and rubber trim, the Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine is a one-step cleaner that saves time without sacrificing effectiveness.

Leave your painted surfaces with a dazzling shine.  The Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine not only cleans but adds luster and restores vibrancy to old and dry surfaces.  The sun will gleam off your paint as if the coat is brand new.

Skip the bucket and hose.  The Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine is convenient for anyone who needs to get their car clean without scrubbing with soap and water.  You can use it for spot cleaning of dirt, grime, and stains, or apply it to your entire vehicle.  

This compound is body shop safe.  It contains no wax or silicone and is anti-static and non-abrasive.  It is also streak-free so you won’t have to worry about leaving marks on your windows!  The product even leaves your exterior with a fresh, fruit punch aroma.

Perfect for car enthusiasts.  Need one last cleaning before the car show?  Spray down your vehicle for a last-minute wipe down that will give your car the shine and luster that it deserves.  For anyone who can’t stand the sight of fingerprints, smearing, and dullness, the Miracle Mist Express is a great companion.

For Best Results:

Spray the Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine directly onto your desired surface.  Consider using one of our Microfiber Super Towels to apply and dry the surface; it is durable, gentle, and even attracts dust.

Ride around town with pride knowing that your car looks fresh and clean.  It’s that easy!

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