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This item is currently on back-order due to manufacturer delay till late November. Please feel free to reserve your unit today to ship when stock arrives.

Our FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher is an orbital polisher that has a 15 mm throw that will remove scratches, car wash swirls and more from your painted surfaces and you do not have to plug in a cord! Many months of development went into the development of the FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher, FLEX had to make sure the power of the standard FLEX XFE was transferred to the new cordless edition; and they absolutely succeeded!
With an average full-power run time of approximately 45 minutes, the FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher allows you the ability to perfect many panels of vehicle paint – without actually being plugged in! Buffing a vehicle with a corded tool always runs the possibility of rubbing the cord against the surface that you just corrected creating additional work for you.

FLEX has produced two of their most successful selling polishers the FLEX XFE & FLEX PE14, as a cordless and battery-operated systems. Powered by the 5 amp  lithium-ion battery, the FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher has just as much of a punch as it’s corded counterpart. (two 5 amp batteries are included)

The FLEX XFE7-15 Long Stroke Orbital Polisher is free spinning, meaning that there is no forced rotation like the XC3401. The FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher features the same long throw and makes correcting and buffing paint easier than ever. 

The FLEX XFE15 150 when powered by the 5 amp battery pack, can polish for up to 45 minutes of continuous use – more than enough time to buff 3 full car panels! If you’re looking for additional mobility, less issues, and a painless paint correction experience it is time to cut the electric cord, the FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher is the answer!
FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher comes standard with:

• 2 qty. 5 amp Lithium-Ion Batteries
• Battery charger - 45 minutes to full charge
(1) 5" Backing Plate 
(1) 6" Backing Plate

Technical Info:
• Orbit: 15 mm
• Weight with 5 amp battery: 5.82 lbs
• Weight without battery: 4.62 lbs
• Maximum polishing pad: 160 mm.
• Maximum backing pad: 150 mm.
• No load speed: 2,300 - 3,800 rpm
• Orbit rate, no load: 4,600 - 7,600 opm
• Battery voltage: 18 volt