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Finally, precision polishing made easy by Flex! The Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher is a specific purpose-built polisher designed specifically for small, tight and intricate body panels. The Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher is much less cumbersome than a full-size rotary polisher, making it the perfect choice for spot repair, motorcycle detailing, and other applications where a compact polisher will come in handy! The Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher is lightweight, easy to hold, runs smooth, and is powerful.

Professional car detailers know that it’s practically impossible to get by with just one or two paint correction tools. This is why Flex took it upon themselves to design, engineer, and create a polisher specifically for polishing small, intricate, tight space body panels and motorcycles. While it’s true you can attach a full size rotary polisher with a smaller backing plate and pad, the actual size and weight of the buffer makes it difficult to see exactly where you are buffing. The Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher is a specific purpose-built tool that will quickly become a valuable asset for every detail.

The Flex PE8 Mini Light Weight Buffer Features & Benefits:

• Performance – It features one of most powerful and durable motors, operating between 1,300 and 3,900 RPM while staying cool in the process. Whether you are detailing large SUV’s or passenger cars, the Flex PE8 has enough power to remove oxidation & spider webs, while giving you a very smooth buffing action along with quite operation.

• Convenience and safety – This unit uses small polishing or buffing pads for precise control. They are perfect for motorcycles, precision buffing, thin panels and very tight areas. Also, the Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher has automatic shut-off carbon brushes. When the carbon brushes wear down, the motor shuts down to avoid costly damage.

• Durability – Built tough and made to last, Flex units are crafted in German and offer superior quality over other leading competitors.

• Transport and storage friendly – This compact unit has a lightweight design to reduce fatigue, only weighing 4 pounds!

• Customer friendly – Flex offers a one year limited warranty, superior to other warranties offered with these machines.
Flex PE8 Mini Light Weight Buffer Specifications:

• Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
• Max. polishing pad diameter: 80 mm
• Max. back-up pad diameter: 75 mm
• No load speed: 1300-3900 rpm
• Power input: 800 watt
• Power output: 350 watt
• Tool fixture: M 14
• Weight: 4 lbs.

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased a Flex PE8 Backing Plate, you will need too for your Flex PE8 Mini Rotary Buffer to be fully operational, as this unit does not come standard with one. Also, you will need Flex Mini Foam Buffing Pads, and they range in size from 1” to 3”.

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