Flex PE8 Pad Set


Product Details
When purchasing this package of Flex PE8 Mini Pads, you will receive a total of 9 pads. This package is perfect for the auto detailer who is constantly doing more than just a wash and wax and  needing to re-order pads on a consistent basis!

Whats In The Box?


• Flex PE8 Black Pads (1" & 2") - are best used for application of finishing polish, wax, or sealants. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine URO-Fiber Black Pad (3") -Buff and Shine listened to the feedback from end-users of Uro-Fiber pads and engineered a new microfiber pad with a standard pile height and shorter profile that provides great finishing results. . . Learn More

• Flex PE8 Green Pad(2") - are best used gloss enhancement on clear coat or non-clear coat. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine URO-Tec Yellow Pads(1" & 3") - are designed to be used in situations where a standard polish is required. . . . Learn More

• Flex PE8 Orange Pads (1" & 2") - are very firm and best used for aggressive cutting action such as on fiberglass, gel coat applications, or heavy oxidized surfaces. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine URO-Tec Blue Pad (3") - are designed to provide Light Cutting to Heavy Polishing Power to remove swirl marks and other light duty imperfections that a standard polish pad wouldn’t. . . Learn More

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased a Flex PE8 Backing Plate or Buff & Shine Rotary Backing Plate, you will need too for your Flex PE8 Mini Rotary Buffer to use these velcro backed pads.

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