Flex PE8 Kompact Rotary Polisher Kit

Item No: FLEXPE8-480KIT

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Here at Detail King we like to give auto detailers and car enthusiast all the tools necessary in a single place. This Flex PE8 Mini Rotary Polisher Kit comes with a total of 9 pads and 3 backing plates. By using these pads, you will be able to conform to curves and tight body lines in vehicles, making it so every last angle of the vehicle is detailed to perfection.

What's In The Box?

Polisher (single):

• Flex PE8 Rotary Buffer - is the ultimate auto detailing paint correction machine that will save you time and money while receiving professional results. . . Learn More

Pads & Backing Plates:

• Buff & Shine URO-Tec Maroon Pads (1", 2" & 3") - provide medium to heavy cutting power to remove scratches, swirls & oxidation with ease. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine URO-Tec Yellow Pads (1", 2" & 3") - are designed to be used in situations where a standard polish is required. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine URO-Tec Blue Pad (1", 2" & 3") - are designed to provide Light Cutting to Heavy Polishing Power to remove swirl marks and light duty imperfections that a standard polish pad wouldn't. . . Learn More

• Buff & Shine Rotary Backing Pad (1", 2" & 3") - with a hook & loop face this backing plate will pair very well with our Buff & Shine Foam Pads. . . Learn More

• Flex Buffer Bag
 - this Flex buffer bag is perfect for storing all of your towels, products, and of course your Flex Buffer. The interior of this bag is constructed of moisture-resistant vinyl, perfect for easy spill cleanups!

Also, included is a Rotary Backing Plate Extension

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