Flex 992.100 Polisher Bag

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Store & carry your FLEX Polisher in this heavy duty, multi-purpose bag.

Our FLEX Polisher Bag stores your FLEX polisher, pads, and towels! Store your polisher from job to job in this ruggedly constructed storage bag. It features Interior pockets and a large capacity make this bag perfect for storage and transport of all your auto detailing supplies.

The FLEX Polisher Bag is made of tough canvas with reinforced seams and an extra large zippered opening. The bag features an adjustable strap and the FLEX logo printed on the exterior.

The interior of the bag is lined with moisture-resistant vinyl material. If you accidently spill chemicals inside the bag, it can be cleaned out with a damp towel.

The thick walls of the bag provide cushioning for the polisher as you transport it, to protect the polisher from scratches and impact. The FLEX bag is collapsible, durable, and very roomy. Carry all your buffing and polishing supplies in the official FLEX Polisher Bag!

Features & Details:

Spacious design to store all your polishing gear.  The Flex Polisher Bag has room for your polishers, cables, foam pads, lights, compounds, towels, and cleaning materials.  The interior contains six elastic straps to hold various items.

Rugged canvas provides a tough and dependable storage system.  The canvas is made with reinforced seams that are meant to withstand wear-and-tear in the workplace and at the body shop.

The interior is lined with waterproof vinyl.  The Flex Polisher Bag features moisture-resistant vinyl that guards against damage from spills.  If you spill chemicals, polishes, or compounds, simply wipe off with a damp towel.

Thick cushioning offers superior security.  The walls of the Flex Polisher Bag are sturdy and dense to protect your polisher from scratching, bumping, and other workplace impacts.

Organize your polishing materials in one place.  Nothing wastes valuable time like trying to find the right tool or attachment for the job at hand.  With the Flex Polisher Bag, you can organize all your polishing equipment in one place so that you are ready to work at a moment’s notice!

Size: 20 x 12 x 10 inches

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