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 The FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher is free spinning, 12mm random orbital polisher engineered to remove swirls, scratches, and other paint imperfections for every surface of your vehicle! Optimized for functionality and comfort, the FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher features a soft start, VR microprocessor control, temperature monitoring, and increased air flow for optimum cooling of the motor and gear. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher was designed to for both the professional detailer and the enthusiast and will work as long as you need it!
Paint correction polishing has become a real  art form. The days of using only a rotary buff to and repair your vehicle’s paint are long gone. With the introduction of so many new polisher and buffers on the market, there is really no excuse not to have awesome looking paint! The FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher, perfect for those hard to reach areas like window panels, door jambs, around decals and raised lines, as well as so much more, has once again changed the paint polishing game.

When FLEX introduced the FLEX XFE15 polisher, we were really looking forward to the "mini" version - and now we have them! Featuring a 12mm orbit, the FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher has an increased efficiency capabilities, along with an included counterweight for a much smoother operation. Ergonomically shaped using "SoftGrip" for increased comfortability during use, the FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher can be controlled with precision and is always securely in your hand
A big challenge while correcting paint is how hot the polisher and, therefore, the backing plate and buffing pad get. If the pad is hot, the paint gets hot and the chances of your causing damage is increased. FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher has an increased airflow perfect for keeping both the polishing pad and the surface cool during use. Because of this low heat generation, the FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher is ideal for working on temperature-sensitive paint surfaces..

There are many different sized surfaces on the vehicles today, so having a good selection of polishers on hand is a necessity. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher can be used in conjunction with the rest of your detailing tools for the best results!
Technical information:
Orbit: 12
No load speed: 1,800-5,500
Orbit rate, no load: 3,600-10,800
Power output: 420
Power input: 700
Maximum polishing pad diameter: 80
Maximum back-up pad diameter: 75
Size (L x W): 12.5" x 4.72"
Standard equipment: Velcro backing pad - 75mm - 2.95"