FUR-EEL pet hair and sand remover

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This tool will triple your dog hair removal speed at a minimum. This patented poly latex tool slides onto 1.25" vacuum hoses/attachments and transforms your pet hair nightmare into just another day at the shop. When done just slip it off and go back to your normal vacuum duties. You’ll never fear pet hair again!  Made in Italy.

Directions for use:

1.  Always use a left to right or right to left motion.  Going back and forth will pull the hair 1/2 way out and then push it back in.  Using only one direction will pull it out very quickly.

2.  Only use light to medium pressure. Heavy pressure will trap hair against carpet and slow the removal time while wearing out the tool faster.

3.  Use a friction reducer such as a glass cleaner to neutralize static electricity between the hair and the carpet or fabric  this will also extend the life span of the tool 

Your gonna be blown away by your results!

Pro Tip:

These items will wear out over time just like the tires on your car do.  They are made of soft latex polymer and carpets can be rough (you can see the problem).  Lighter pressure and a friction reducer (like glass cleaner) will help immensely but in the end the tool has a life span.  
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