Garden Hose Foam Gun

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The Garden Hose Foam Gun is a convenient tool for detailers and car owners who want to apply foaming car soap to their vehicles without the need for a pressure washer or air compressor.  Easily adjust the dilution ratio and spray pattern so you can knock out exterior detailing in no time!

Features & Details:

Create loads of foam without a pressure washer or air compressor.  Sometimes you don’t have access to a pressure washer or air compressor that is necessary for most foam guns - which may be the case for mobile detailers.  With the Garden Hose Foam Gun, all you need is a basic water hose.  A nozzle is included with the gun for easy attachment.

Foam stick sprayer tip allows you to adjust the spray pattern.  Easily switch between vertical and horizontal spray patterns so that you get maximum coverage on every part of your exterior.

Adjustment dial provides control over foam output.  The Garden Hose Foam Gun has a dial attached so you can easily switch between dilution ratios.  The dial goes from 0, which is a 10:1 water to soap mix ratio, up to 5, which is a 300:1 ratio.  Find the perfect ratio for each job.

Perfect to use with high-foaming car wash soaps.  We recommend using the Garden Hose Foam Gun with products such as our Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax and the Heads Up Super High Foaming Car Wash and Prep Soap.  Foaming creates lubrication that reduces swirling and scratching while scrubbing with a wash mitt.

Easy and convenient to use.  The Garden Hose Foam Gun has several features that make life easier.  The tank has fill lines for soap and water mix so you don’t have to measure out ratios.  Also, the hand grip easily detaches from the gun so you can quickly go from foaming to rinsing with just water.

For Best Results:

Fill the tank with soap up to the soap line and fill the rest with water up the mix line.  Attach a hose to your foam gun.

Spray your vehicle down with foam.  Adjust the dilution ratio by turning the adjustment dial.  0 – 10:1, 1 – 20:1, 2 – 30:1, 3 – 40:1, 4 – 100:1, 5 – 300:1.

After foaming, scrub the vehicle with our Chenille Wash Mitt.

Detach gun from the nozzle and rinse the foam off.  The Garden Hose Foam Gun is fun, quick, and easy!

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