Gem Orbital Buffer/Polisher - 16 lb

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Gem Industries invented the Gem Orbital Polisher forty years ago with one objective in mind...eliminate swirl marks caused by high-speed rotary buffers. Unlike the high speeds, the Orbital "oscillates" or duplicates the motion of your hand as if you were waxing the surface of a car. The difference, of course, is that the Orbital creates 1700 oscillations per minute...but without heat or friction.

This 16 lb. model has a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing, with a shock-resistant coating. A two-year motor warranty is standard. Gem Orbital polishers are the choice of professional detailers and built to run 8 hours a day, seven days a week. Overall height 10" - RPM: 1650.

Features & Details:

Remove moderate to heavy paint imperfections.  The Gem Orbital Polisher – 16 lb. is great for correcting moderately deep scratches without swirling.  This is a wonderful and safe all-purpose polisher for beginners.

Random oscillations protect temperature-sensitive paint.  The dual-action technology of the Gem Orbital Polisher features an oscillating backplate that reduces the amount of heat generated on your surface.  This prevents users from burning through the paint.

Motor creates more torque than the 13 lb. model.  The Gem Orbital Polisher – 16 lb. has a more powerful motor than its companion, giving it a higher degree of cutting power.  It can treat some scratches that the lighter model cannot.

Built to last.  The Gem Orbital Polisher comes in a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing with shock-resistant coating.  This product will stand the test of time and is designed to withstand wear-and-tear in body shops and garages.

A great choice for applying several layers of paint protection.  Use the Gem Orbital Polisher – 16 lb. with leveling compounds and finishing polishes.  Its versatility makes it a favorite with professional detailers!

Technical Data:

Height: 10”
Weight: 16 lbs.
RPM: 1,650 rpms
Motor: 110v to 220v
Amps: 2.3 at 110v