Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray On STEROIDS!

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Product Details
Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray is formulated to quickly and easily hydrophobe paintwork, glass, plastic and rubber moldings and a variety of other surfaces. Remove dust, grime, and water spots on clear coat paint and exterior surfaces with a quick spray of the product. Gloss & Glide is comprised of cross-linking polymers and special additives. This is an express detail spray with protection on STEROIDS!

Features & Details:
  • Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray can be used as a quick detailer for your entire vehicle. It is safe to use on all clear coat paint, plastic, metal, vinyl, and rubber trim.
  • Leave your paint surfaces with glossy, hydrophobic finish. Gloss & Glide not only removes light dust, fingerprint, and bird droppings but adds a protective hydrophiid glossy layer to your paint that lasts up to 60 days.
  • Perfect for car enthusiasts. Gloss & Glide is perfect for a quick wipe down before a car show to add that extra gloss. This product also leaves your paint hyper slick.
  • Detergent resistant. Gloss & Glide is specially formulated to be surfactant free, leaving only the active ingredients behind after drying. This leaves your vehicles paint very detergent resistant. Pleasant cranberry scent.
  • User - friendly. Gloss & Glide can be used over any base protection weather it is a sealant, wax, or even a coating. It can even be used as a drying aid.
For best results
  • Prior to use, completely wash the vehicle. Consider using our Black Cherry Wash & Wax and a Microfiber Wash Mitt.
  • Simply, spray and wipe over any base surface protections weather it is a sealant, wax, or any type of coating.
This product is currently only available in pints and quarts. Gallons will be available soon.

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