Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray on Steroids!

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Product Details
Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray is formulated to quickly and easily add a shine and protection to paint, glass, vinyl, plastic and rubber moldings and a variety of other surfaces. Can also be used to remove light dust, and water spots on clear coat paint and exterior surfaces with a quick spray of the product. Gloss & Glide is comprised of cross-linking polymers, silica, and special additives. This is an express detail spray with protection on STEROIDS!

Features & Details:
  • Gloss & Glide Express Detail Spray can be used as a quick detailer for your entire vehicle. It is safe to use on all clear coat paint, vinyl wraps (gloss), plastic, metal, vinyl, and rubber trim. *This can be used on matte finish paint and vinyl but will add some shine*
  • Leave your paint surfaces with a glossy, hydrophobic finish. Gloss & Glide not only removes light dust, fingerprints, and bird droppings but adds a protective hydrophic glossy layer to your paint that lasts up to 60 days.
  • Perfect for car enthusiasts. Gloss & Glide is perfect for a quick wipe down before a car show to add that extra gloss. This product also leaves your paint hyper slick.
  • Detergent resistant. Gloss & Glide is specially formulated to be surfactant free, leaving only the active ingredients behind after drying. This leaves your vehicles paint very detergent resistant.
  • User - friendly. Gloss & Glide can be used over any base protection whether it is a sealant, wax, or even a coating. It can even be used as a drying aid.
For best results
  • Prior to use, completely wash the vehicle. Consider using our Black Cherry Wash & Wax and a Microfiber Wash Mitt.
  • Simply, spray and wipe over any base surface protection including sealant, wax, or any type of coating.
This product is currently only available in pints and quarts. Gallons will be available soon.

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