KWIK KLEEN Paint Overspray Remover For Plastic & Rubber Trim - 32 oz

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  • 32 OZ

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The Kwik Kleen Graffiti Remover is a valuable tool for removing graffiti and paint overspray from both porous and non-porous surfaces.  It employs a simple spray, scrub, and rinse method that is both quick and effective.

Features & Details:

Easily remove unwanted graffiti and spray paint.  Kwik Kleen is specially formulated to loosen and break down aerosol spray paint that has bonded to a surface.

Safe to use on multiple surfaces.  Kwik Kleen works effectively on paint, plastic, and rubber.  It cleans without harming surfaces or leaving behind residue.

Great to use on both porous and non-porous exteriors.  You can use a towel or a gentle scrubbing pad with Kwik Kleen, depending on the surface of your exterior.  A scrubbing pad is more effective on surfaces with grooves and grains.

Make overspray vanish.  Kwik Kleen is a great product to have on hand for auto detailers who apply paints via spray.  If paint reaches onto plastic or rubber trimming, spray with Kwik Kleen to thoroughly clean the surface.

It’s not called Kwik for nothing!  Spray, scrub, and rinse.  It doesn’t get much easier for removing tough paint stains.  

For Best Results:

Spray Kwik Kleen onto a towel, such as one of our Turk Towels, or a gentle-duty scrubbing pad and rub into soiled surface.
Once you are done cleaning, rinse the surface with water to remove paint and deactivate the Kwik Kleen.  If any paint remains, dry and repeat the cycle.  So easy!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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