KWIK KLEEN Paint Overspray Remover For Plastic & Rubber Trim - 32 oz

Item No: KWK322QT


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Product Details
KWIK KLEEN is a safe and easy to use product for removing graffiti from porous and non-porous surfaces. Spray KWIK KLEEN on paint. For non porous surfaces such as paint, rubber or plastic simply spray product on a towel and then rub affected surfaces, reapply product to towel as needed. If surface is very non porous then you may need to apply and rub with a gentle duty green scrubbing pad.

Once the graffiti has loosened, rinse both the KWIK KLEEN and graffiti from the surface by spraying with water. Start at the top and move the spray continuously downward. Use of water is very important not only to remove the graffiti, but to deactivate and remove the product from the surface. If any graffiti remains, dry surface and repeat process. Do not use KWIK KLEEN on vinyl. For additional information please refer to instructions on the bottle.

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