Grease Monkey Wipes For Hands, Bikes & Cars

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Product Details
Grease Monkey Wipes for Hands, Bikes, and Cars are handy cleaning wipes that easily remove grease, dirt, and grime from your hands without the need for water.  Wipes can also be used to clean greasy areas of your cars, bikes, and boats.  Perfect for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty!

Features & Details:

Remove sticky, gummy, and greasy irritants from your hands.  The Grease Monkey Wipes are built for heavy-duty filth.  Lubricants, tar, adhesives, dirt, and ink are no match for these wipes.

Convenient when no water is available.  Plenty of us have jobs in the field where there isn’t a hose or bucket of water in sight.  Construction workers, landscapers, and road workers experience this daily.  The Grease Monkey Wipes will wipe out aggravating stains and clean your hands without the need for water.

Use on vehicles and equipment with greasy compartments.  The Grease Monkey Wipes will clean grease off cars, boats, lawn mowers, bikes, and motorcycles.  Perfect for cleaning greasy gears.

Portable and handy.  Each box contains 25 individual wipes that can easily be stashed in desk drawers, backpacks, toolboxes, purses, pockets, and glove compartments.  Always a good idea to have on hand.

Leave your hands feeling refreshed.  The Grease Monkey Wipes are all-natural and contain a fresh citrus scent that not only leaves your hands feeling clean, but also smelling great!


• Quantity of individual wipes: 25
• Size of Wipe: 8” x 7”
• Size of Box: 4.75” X 4” X 2”