Grit Guard Double Bucket Dolly Car Wash System


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Our Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System makes washing your vehicle safer and simpler. You get all the Grit Guard accessories and more to keep your wash water free of dirt and paint-scratching particles, leaving you with the perfect wash.

What's In The Box?

• Grit Guard Bucket Dolly (2) - mobilizes your wash bucket and shop products, letting you clean with ease. . . Learn More

• Diamond Plate Dolly Connector - combine your two Grit Guard Bucket Dollies into one convenient wash system. . . Learn More

• 2 Grit Guard Inserts - capture all the contaminates out of your wash mitt, and keep your car free from swirls and scratches. . . Learn More

• Grit Guard WashBoard - attaches to the Grit Guard to loosen and remove dirt and debris from brushes and wash mitts...

• 5 Gallon Car Wash Buckets (2) - is constructed of heavy-duty plastic that will last up again continuous use. . . Learn More

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