Grit Guard Washing System with Dolly

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This Grit Guard Washing System features the Grit Guard Insert in a heavy duty 90 mil bucket with reinforced shoulders. The patented Gamma Seal Lid makes the washing system a leak-proof, airtight container and a 5 caster bucket dolly makes this system easy to roll on any paved surface.

The Gamma Seal Lid makes this system a great way to store your car cleaning products, and you never have to worry about spills or leaking bottles.

The Grit Guard Insert traps dirt, grit, and other contaminants at the bottom of the bucket, keeping them there; away from your mitt, away from your paint. The Grit Guard Washing system is manufactured to the exact specifications of the Grit Guard Insert.  The Grit Guard Insert fits snugly in the bottom of the bucket so when you dump your wash water, your Grit Guard Insert stays in the bottom.

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