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Our AIM 2000 Headlight Intensity Meter is designed specifically for the testing and verification of the intensity of headlamps. The AIM 200 is a hand held device that incorporates a meter with graduated scale noting light intensity in kilo-candelas of the lamp tested. As the emitted light enters the light receptor, the dial of the meter will increase in value and proportion, indicating a legal/illegal headlamp.

The AIM 200 is equally accurate in all types of environments, i.e. daylight (out of direct sunlight), nighttime, illuminated roadways, etc. with no discernible deterioration of test results. This device is to be used at a distance of 3-4 feet, from the direct illumination of the headlamp.

The AIM 200 has been tested to meet all SAE Standards pertaining to intensity of headlamps.
If you are in the plastic headlight restoration business this tool will help you sell your services to prospects and customers and be able to show them the before/after real results!
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