Gold Series Commercial Headlight Restoration Kit w/Buffer


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Our Headlight Restoration Business Opportunity Kit comes with our 3" DA Pneumatic Orbital Palm Buffer/Sander which is an air-powered buffing tool used to quickly and efficiently help restore foggy and oxidized headlights. Use this tool in conjunction with the included 600 and 1500 grit sand paper (50 count) and the included orange polishing pad.

You can restore headlights without this tool but if you are restoring headlights in any volume you will want to add this to your arsenal. This power tool will save you time and if used properly can produce superior results. The backing plate is hook and loop (Velcro) so it can be used with the included sanding discs and orange polishing pad.

Our AIM 2000 Headlight Intensity Meter is also included and designed specifically for the testing and verification of the intensity of headlamps. The AIM 200 is a hand held device that incorporates a meter with graduated scale noting light intensity in kilo-candela of the lamp tested. As the emitted light enters the light receptor, the dial of the meter will increase in value and proportion, indicating a legal/illegal headlamp.

The AIM 200 is equally accurate in all types of environments, i.e. daylight (out of direct sunlight), nighttime, illuminated roadways, etc. with no discernible deterioration of test results. This device is to be used at a distance of 3-4 feet, from the direct illumination of the headlamp.

The AIM 200 has been tested to meet all SAE Standards pertaining to intensity of headlamps. If you are in the plastic headlight restoration business this tool will help you sell your services to prospects and customers and be able to show them the before/after real results!

We include square sand paper sheets so you can sand by hand in the hard to reach areas where the buffer cannot reach.

Our Bright Solutions Gold Commercial Series Headlamp Restoration Kit will service up to 100 vehicles. Bright Solutions is a patented process that closes and seals the headlamp to restore and preserve that "new look" for years. The kit comes in a reusable tool box that contains all the products required.

Kit Includes:

- Large Tool Box Carrying Case
- 3" DA Pneumatic Orbital Palm Buffer/Sander
- Headlight Intensity Meter
- Pre Treatment - 16oz
- All Purpose Cleaner - 16oz
- Waterbase Pre Treatment - 16oz
- Sand E-Z 16oz
- Shine Restorer - 8oz
- Deep Fill Restorer - 4oz
- Sanding Sheets - (1)600/ (4)1000/ (3)1500/ (2)2000/ (2)2500
- Buff & Shine Uro-Tec Blue Foam Pads-3 (velcro backing)
- Sanding Discs - 50 each (600, 1500 grades)
- Lint Free Paper Towels
- Box of Gloves (100)
- Roll of Lint Free Paper Towels
- Complete Instructions

DK Tip: The going rate for headlight restoration is about $65 for wholesale work and $80-$120 for retail work for one pair of headlights. Your costs for materials (excluding labor) are between $3.00 and $6.00 for each set of headlights, depending on which kit you buy. You can stay busy and make a lot of money if you are able to obtain work from just a few good car dealerships and of course your regular retail customers.

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