Vibra Cut II - Heavy Cut Clear Coat Compound - White Color

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Product Details
The Vibra Cut II Heavy Cut Clear Coat and Gel Coat Compound is a fierce compound that levels significant scratches and imperfections in clear coat paint and leaves a glossy, mirror-like finish.  Perfect to apply before polishing and sealing automobiles and boats.  Achieve a professional finish with ease.

Features & Details:

Heavy-duty buffing for serious scratching and marring.  The Vibra Cut II will remove 800-1200 grit sand scratches from your clear coat.  Scratches and oxidation make your paint look old and dull, but the Vibra Cut II restores and rejuvenates.

Impeccable finish leaves paint shining.  Although the Vibra Cut II is not designed as a finishing product, you won’t be able to tell.  As scratches and stains disappear, your paint reaches a vibrant gloss that glimmers in the light.

Prepare for glazing and sealing.  If you’re looking for further shine and protection, apply Blue Diamond after eradicating scratches with the Vibra Cut II.  You can also jump straight to the Foam Pad Glaze II from the Vibra Cut II.

Popular for compounding boats.  The Vibra Cut II works wonders on fiberglass gel coats.  Boats are especially prone to scratching and oxidation, especially those operating in waters with high debris.  Keep ugly scarring at bay and ensure you have the prettiest boat in the bay!

Body shop safe.  The Vibra Cut II is VOC compliant, making it a great choice for auto and boat detailers.  The compound’s pina colada scent puts you in a tropical state of mind as you work!

For Best Results:

Shake the bottle of Vibra Cut II and apply several small dabs to a polishing pad.  The Lake Country Yellow Compounding Pad works great.  Works with all polishers; we suggest browsing our line of Flex Polishers.

Spread the product evenly onto your surface and starting polishing.  Use an overlapping motion, pressing harder on areas with deeper scratches.

Once your scratches are leveled, turn to a low speed to achieve a high gloss.  Wipe clean with a Microfiber Towel and enjoy your shining clear coat!

Available in Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, 4 Gallon Case.

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If you would purchase 4 Gallons individually the total cost would be $211.80. You save $16.85 by purchasing the 4 Gallon value case.

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