Horse Hair Detail Brush - Large Toothbrush Style

Item No: 810-BLARGE

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The Large Horse Hair Brush for Vapor Steam Cleaners is compatible with all Vapamore Commercial Vapor Steam Systems.  Horsehair offers several natural benefits that are perfect for cleaning interior leather, vinyl, and plastic.  

Features & Details:

A car interior’s best friend.  The Large Horse Hair Brush has soft bristles that can treat delicate interior surfaces.  Thoroughly clean leather, cloth, vinyl, and plastic found on car seats, dashboards, and door panels.

Nonabrasive dust-magnet.  The soft and gentle nature of horsehair makes it ideal for interior surfaces.  This brush is very adept at catching dust and lint.  Its ability to absorb moisture leaves surfaces spotless and dry!

Perfect choice for cleaning fine leather.  The Large Horse Hair Brush massages dirt and grime ingrained in leather, releasing body oils and contaminants without scratching or marring the finish.  You could even use this brush on leather sofas and chairs at home.

Easily attaches to all Vapamore Steam Systems.  Detailers and large businesses with multiple vapor steamers can use the Large Horse Hair Brush with any of Vapamore’s steamer systems.  

Durable and long-lasting.  Horsehair is extremely durable, ensuring this brush will last many, many details.  This unique combination of strength and softness is an asset for any detailer or car enthusiast!

*Note: This brush is not compatible with the Mytee Firebird VS1500 or Focus Steamer.


• Bristle Shaft Length: 3"
• Handle Length: 5"
• Bristle Length: 1/2"
• Total Length: 8"

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