How To Start, Operate, & Grow an Auto Detailing Business DVD (2 hours long)


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This DVD is included with the 4 DVD Training Video's, no need to order this separately if you are ordering the 4 DVD set.

Many "to be" owners of new auto detailing business start-ups have no clue of what they need to do to legally start their new venture. Our new two-hour video DVD "How to Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business" will explain what the future entrepreneur needs to know to get started, operate and grow his or her car detail business. We will discuss how to lay-out the ground work and what should be included in a business plan. The video will also explain about the permits and licenses needed to operate your new business legally along with how to choose a name for your business and promote it effectively.

Nick Vacco, President of Detail King will reveal his trade secrets that he has used over the past 32 years of operating a very successful and profitable auto detailing business, mobile detailing business, aftermarket installation appearance center, express detail and lube center, limo company, car wholesaling dealership, and for the last 17 years, Detail King!
 You will learn the most effective ways to promote your auto detailing business through advertising, promotion, prospecting, marketing, social media, direct email, text alerts and face-to-face selling. He will also teach you the most successful methods to generate reoccurring revenue through repeat customers and referrals.

Most new auto detailing business owners do not know how to price their jobs and usually don't charge enough and eventually go out of business. In this video Nick will teach you how to determine what your hourly operating cost is, and how to determine your profit margins. You will also learn the type of insurances needed to operate your business, how to choose a credit card processor, and the pros and cons of operating a mobile or an affixed auto detailing business.

Nick will show you how to obtain profitable commercial accounts, and how to advertise your business inexpensively with ways that you would of never even thought of. This video is an excellent tool for individuals that are already in business but may be struggling to keep ahead of the competition. Nick will teach you how to leave your competitors in the dust! We will include a 22 page DVD Narrative..... A Text Follow-Along for this Training DVD Video. We will also include our latest color Catalog Magazine and all of our Promotional Flyers!
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