Special Purchase Interior Chemical Package - 5 Gallon Pails & Cases


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This Special Purchase Interior Package from Detail King will save you money all the way around! By purchasing these (4) five gallon pails and (4) cases of twelve, you not only save on each pail versus buying five individual gallons & cases of twelve, but you also save additionally because the package is discounted too! It's a win-win all around. These are our most popular interior chemicals.

• 1 Extractor Soap (5 gal) - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime. . . Learn More

• 1 Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo (5 gal) - is an orange colored, thick, high foaming, properly pH balanced heavy-duty car carpet shampoo that will quickly and effectively break-down and loosen dirt, grease and grime. . . Learn More

• 1 Pink Power Interior Cleaner (5 gal) - is an excellent interior cleaner that can be used on both vinyl and fabric interior components. This product features non caustic cleaners with optical brighteners to enhance the fabric fiber color while easily removing and breaking down the dirt and grime. . . Learn More

• 1 Pearl Gloss Dressing (5 gal) - is a premium, emulsion based vinyl interior dressing. This product can be used to dress interior components like dash boards, consoles, door panels and virtually all soft or hard vinyl interior panels. . . Learn More

• 12 Instant Spray Magic (19 oz) - is an excellent product to use on interior & exterior plastic and vinyl components. Works great on hard to "dress" areas such as behind door handles, in between seats & console, ac vents, door panel pockets, etc. . . Learn More

• 12 Velour Upholstery Cleaner (19 oz) - is formulated for the automotive detail specialist. This product will clean velour seats, carpets, headliners, sunvisors, and door panels without leaving the fabric wet. . . Learn More

• 12 Streak Free Glass Cleaner (19 oz) - is a foaming aerosol cleaner that works great on glass, plastic, and chrome. Will not leave streaks and smears, has a pleasant fresh scent. . . Learn More

• 12 Hot Shot Stain Remover (19 oz) - is an excellent spot and stain remover. A non-solvent based product that works instantly once sprayed to loosen and help remove heavier grease, grime, tar spots, most stains, and gum from carpets and upholstery. . . Learn More