Jade Ceramic Coating Installer Stickers


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Product Details
Detail King Jade Certified Installers should place this great looking Jade adhesive sticker in your customer’s vehicle after you have completed your Jade coating service. Place in the door jamb or inside the windshield typically where oil change reminder stickers are placed.
This is another innovative marketing tool from Detail King to keep your customers returning for a maintenance Reboot and an effective way for your customer to quickly provide your contact information to their vehicle admirers. Our Jade Ceramic Coating Reminder Stickers are sold in sets of 10 and are delivered to you thru the Postal Service.

• Your customers will never miss a maintenance wash or Reboot
• Reminder of who performed the service
• Your contact info stays with the car
• Future sales from new owners after vehicle is sold
• Adds more value to the service you provided

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