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Detail King LP’s Ceramic Coating Training & Certification Class is a 1-day Seminar held at our headquarters in Pittsburgh PA. This class will be limited to only 8-10 students. We will cover the critical components of Ceramic Coatings. We will discuss the science behind these coatings in our Classroom for the first part of the day along with how to upsell and cross-sell these services. The rest of the class will be Hands-On Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Application.

We will cover:

1.  Wash-up and prep using Detox Wash & Seal, which is designed to be used on a vehicle that is going to be (or already has been) coated with Jade Ice PRO or Jade Quartz PRO.

2.  The students will then perform paint corection on a vehicle using various compounds and polishes including our Caliber Silica Primer Polish remove imperfections in the paint.

3.  After the vehicles have been paint-corrected , the students will then clean and prep the vehicle's surfaces with Refresh Surface Prep to ensure all oils and dust have been removed from the vehicle.

4.  After all of the prep work has been completed, the students will apply our Jade Ice PRO and Jade Quartz PRO to the demonstration vehicle(s).

5.  We will then demonstrate the proper use of our Reboot Silica Spray, which is a Ceramic Maintenance Spray to both enhance and maintain the coating.

The cost of the Jade Training Certification is only $1,595 per person and this INLCUDES over $800 of Jade Supplies. If the supplies are not needed the cost is $995 per student and will include a $100 Detail King gift card with completion of the program. 

Jade Supply Kit includes:

*All of these items included is enough Jade product to prep, coat and maintain at least 6 to 8 vehicles, which can generate $5,000+ of profitable sales. Both the Jade Ice and the Jade Quartz products that are included with this kit are the Professional Installer series.

JADE Ceramic Coatings provide:

1.  Unrivaled gloss and up to 5 years of durability and protection from UV rays and corrosion.

2.  Repel water and contaminants while maintaining a clear, "hard-as-nails" finish.

3.  Stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and require no additional paint protection.

4.  JADE works on the molecular level to transform the surface into a "smooth-as-glass" finish that almost nothing will stick to!

*Detail King is certified to install and train others to install our line of Jade Ceramic Coatings which provide unrivaled protection.

Ceramic Coatings have taken the Auto Detailing Industry by storm. These Nano-Crystalline Coatings form a Hydrophobic barrier to keep your vehicle protected. A vehicle that has been treated with a ceramic coating will bead up and repel water much more than a traditional Carnauba Wax or Polymer Sealant (see below).

Don’t wait to register! Sign up NOW to guarantee a seat at our Ceramic Coating Training & Certification Seminar at Detail King in Pittsburgh PA. The class will fill up fast so don’t stall and think about coming, pick up the phone and call us now and be one of the first professional detailing companies in your town to provide profitable Jade Ceramic Coatings!

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions about our Jade Products!

Download the Jade Carfax Form here.

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