Jade Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing

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The Jade Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing is a water-based, silicone-free tire dressing that forms a hardy coating on your tires to shed water, dirt, and contaminants.  Not only does it bring a lush shine to your tires, but it makes future cleaning easier and quicker.

Features & Details:

Shield your tires from harmful contaminants.  The Jade Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing encapsulates your tires in a durable coating that wicks away water, dirt, grime, and salt, among other types of road spray.  Think of it as a protective bubble around your tires.

Flexible coating prevents cracks.  The Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing retains flexibility while protecting your tires.  This thwarts potential defects that occur from wear and tear on the road.

Make future tire cleaning a breeze.  A huge benefit of the Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing is that it eases the workload of future cleaning after being applied.  Because contaminants will not stick to your tires, there is less to scrub and less to maintain.  You have to love a product that works while you don’t!

Restore richness and gloss to your rubber.  There’s nothing quite like brand new tires; they’re jet black, vibrant, and striking.  Restore that sleek look to your tires by applying the Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing.  Multiple coats will bring even more gloss.

Long-lasting protection and shine.  The Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing will keep your tires looking new for several months.  This is much longer than conventional dressings that wear off within weeks.  This saves you time and product.

For Best Results:

Clean your tires before applying the Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing.  Use our Tire and White Wall Cleaner for best results.  Any dirt left on your tires will show through the tire dressing, so make sure they are spotless.  Do not clean with a degreaser!  That will brown your rubber.

Make sure your tires are cool and dry before applying the dressing.  Spray the dressing onto an applicator, such as our Black Cloth Automotive Dressing Applicator, and work into the tires.  It dries to the touch within minutes.

Wait 15 minutes for the dressing to air dry before applying any additional coats for a higher sheen.
Your tires will block dirt and water for months!  

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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