Jade Hybrid Polymer Organic & Inorganic Paint Sealant - 16 OZ

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The Jade Hybrid Polymer Paint Sealant employs the benefits of organic and inorganic sealants in one bottle by combining carnauba wax and synthetic resins.  You get both an unmistakable natural glow and the solid protection of synthetic materials.  The best of both worlds!

Features & Details:

Carnauba wax delivers an exceptional shine to your paint.  The Jade Hybrid Polymer Paint Sealant contains one of the most sought out waxes available, carnauba wax.  Deriving from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree, carnauba wax leaves an unrivaled glow on your paint that beams in the sun.

Polymers and silica resins provide durable protection.  The inorganic ingredients of the Jade Hybrid Sealant are polymers and silicates, which form a protective layer on your paint.  Where carnauba wax without these materials can dissolve quickly, the hybrid formula lasts.

Hydrophobic characteristics.  Synthetic portions of the Jade Hybrid Sealant repel water and snow.  Water will bead and run off your surface to avoid water damage and corrosion associated with prolonged water exposure.

Protect against environmental fallout.  Insects, birds, pollen, and trees all have something to leave behind on your vehicle.  Make cleaning up droppings, squashed bugs, and tree sap a breeze with the Jade Hybrid Sealant.  These items are much easier to remove than on an untreated surface.

Spray formula ensures you don’t waste time or product.  The Jade Hybrid Sealant comes in a spray bottle, so all you have to do to apply is spray and wipe.  Perfect for those who want protection and shine without dragging out the polisher and following multiple steps.

For Best Results:

Apply the Jade Polymer Hybrid Sealant while your vehicle is wet.  Spray product on a Microfiber Towel and rub it onto the surface.  Flip the towel to a dry side and wipe off any excess.

That’s it!  Just spray, wipe, dry and enjoy an astounding sealant!

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