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The Jade A70 Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating Spray is a nano crystalline coating that brings the same incredible durability and surface protection of traditional ceramic coatings into a sprayable form.  It applies a hard, shiny protective layer that protects your paint from weather, sun, water, and corrosion in a simple spray-and-wipe method! Always turn the sprayer to the "off" position after each use. If the sprayer is left in the "on" position, this accelerates the curing of product in the bottle and it will not be in a liquid state. FOR BEST RESULTS, OR LONGER STORAGE PERIODS, TAKE SPRAYER OUT, RINSE, AND PUT CAP ON TIGHT.

Features & Details:

Form an invisible shield that defends your painted surfaces.
  The Jade A70 Ceramic Coating Spray bonds to your clear coat and delivers top-notch protection from rain, UV rays, dirt and grime, road salt, corrosion, and environmental fallout.

Astounding strength and durability.  The Jade A70 Spray is a 5H on the ceramic hardness scale and will protect your surface up to 12 months!

Replace waxing and sealing.  Rather than spending money on a bunch of waxes and sealants, use the Jade A70 Spray for superior protection.  It is more hydrophobic than wax and has longer lasting protection.

Amazingly easy to use.  The Jade A70 Spray has the benefits of traditional ceramic coating but is easier and quicker to apply.  Once your surface is clean, you simply spray and wipe with a towel.  Doesn’t get much more convenient!

Leave a deep, mirror-like shine on your paint.  The Jade A70 doesn’t just protect – it earns major style points!  It leaves a lasting, high-quality shine that will not fade from exposure to water, sun, or road spray.  Your surface will be easy to keep clean because the Jade A70 repels contaminants.  

For Best Results:

Your surface should be as clean and smooth as possible before applying the Jade A70 Spray.  Compounding and leveling should have already been completed to remove scratches and blemishes.

Spray and wipe your surface with the Jade Refresh Surface Prep to remove oils and polishes before applying ceramic coating.

Use a respirator and gloves when using the Jade A70.  Once prepped, spray the Jade A70 directly onto your paint or onto a Microfiber Towel.  Buff into your surface with the towel.  Make sure to buff out any rainbows or high spots before the coating dries.

You can apply as liberally as you choose, but wait 5-10 minutes between applying coats of the Jade A70.  One bottle should be enough for detailers to coat four medium-sized cars.

For regular washing of ceramic coatings, use the Detox Wash and Seal for Ceramic Coatings.  If you notice that water isn’t beading on a particular area of your surface, it is time to apply more Jade A70.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

Please note that Jade A70 is known as a Limited Quantity chemical and is not able to ship by air or USPS.

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