Jade Ceramic Coating Metal Wipes

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Jade Ceramic Coating Metal Wipes will polish and protect your vehicles Chrome & metal surfaces with ease! Jade Ceramic Metal Wipes are rated at 9H hardness and will protect for up to a year with one application! For greater durability, protection and vision, you can maintain the healthy hydrophobic properties of your Jade Ceramic Coating by reapplying a Jade Ceramic Wipe application annually to keep it looking dynamic.

Safely and quickly seal and protect your vehicle’s metal surfaces with Jade Ceramic Wipes! Surfaces protected with Jade Ceramic Coating Wipes provide a full hydrophobic effect from weather, chemicals, UV rays, and other contaminants. Your vehicle’s metal will stay cleaner longer, repel water, and are easier to clean after using Jade Ceramic Coating Metal Wipes

JADE CERAMIC Coating WIPES contain 0.6ml per wipe. Can Coat 2 Wheels per wipe.

How to Use Metal Wipes:
- Using Medallion Chrome & Metal Polish, clean and polish your metal to your desired finish
- Wipe down Metal with Refresh Surface Prep to remove any oils, or residue
- Open the wipe wearing gloves and apply liberally in cross hatch pattern evenly over surface
- Allow 2 to 3 minutes then lightly wipe down with microfiber towel
- Repeat second coat after an hour of cure time
- Avoid getting surface wet for 24 hours after application

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