Lake Country CCS Buffing/Polishing 4 Inch Spot Buff Foam Pad Set (3 Pads)


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Product Details
Spot Buff Lake Country’s 4 Inch Foam Pads are flat full contact buffing pads that work with your rotary buffer or polisher, dual-action polisher or electric drill to correct problem areas in automotive paint easier than ever before. CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure. The face of a CCS pad is covered in specifically placed pockets. These pockets are located where the foam cells have been closed. Polish or compound does not absorb into these closed cell pockets, leaving more product on the pad's surface and on the paint. This buffing-saving design gives polishes and compounds a longer working time, which will result in better successful detail job. All pads feature Velcro® brand hook & loop fasteners to attach the pad to the backing plate.

The smaller polishing surface means you’re only buffing the blemish, not the surrounding paint.
Scratches and blemishes often occur in particular areas on a vehicle. Very rarely is your whole vehicle covered with blemishes. If the majority of your vehicle looks relatively new, then there is no need to compound the whole panel. Actually you might create swirls if you use an overly abrasive pad on perfectly fine paint. Using Spot Buffs, you are only addressing the problem, not creating additional ones.

What Are The Benefits Of CCS Technology?

• Slows Absorption Rate - As discussed above, the pads are slow to absorb products and therefore the paint benefits from a longer working time. The same is true of liquid waxes and sealants.

• Improves Operator Control - CCS pockets gradually release polish as needed by the operator. Since these areas are not absorbing polish, they serve as little reservoirs until the excess polish is needed.

• Prevents Pad Skipping - CCS pockets reduce surface tension allowing the operator to run pad flat on a working surface. Basically, the CCS pockets break up the smooth surface of the foam to eliminate the sticking and skipping that occurs when two perfectly flat surfaces meet.

• Creates Less Heat - CCS pockets provide several points where the foam is not completely touching the paint. This reduces friction and therefore heat generated between the pad and the paint.

• OEM Approved - OEM tests confirm CCS pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.

• Ample Surface Contact - CCS foam pads provide ample surface contact to effectively work the paint. The CCS pockets are small so they don't affect the amount of foam continuously touching the paint during operation.

Whats In The Box?

Pads (1 each):

• Lake Country CCS Green Polishing Pad - is best to apply finishing glazes, polishes and one-step polish waxes/sealants. . . Learn More

• Lake Country CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad - is best for lite to medium scratch, water spot and defect removal. . . Learn More

• Lake Country CCS Yellow Compounding Pad - is best to apply light or heavy compounds to remove severe oxidation, swirls, and scratches. . . Learn More

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased a Lake Country Backing Plate, you will need to with use of these foam pads.

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $23.85, you save $1.90