Lake Country 6.25" Microfiber Cutting Pad

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The Lake Country 6.25” Microfiber Cutting Pad is made up of a unique Microfiber Material that provides unmatched cutting and finishing capabilities. The Lake Country 6.25” Microfiber Cutting Pad has a thick foam backing plate (11mm) to ensure even pressure and while also providing a cushion barrier between the buffer and the vehicle. The Microfiber strands that make up this pad will also mat down less quickly than other pads, helping to reduce pad temperatures while buffing.

Using a Microfiber Cutting Pad over a traditional foam pad means you will have less compound dust to clean up afterwards. Thousands of fibers work to collect and trap compound dust while buffing, saving you clean-up time afterwards. 

The Lake Country 6.25” Microfiber Pad is paired perfectly with our Diamond Cut Step 1 and/or Diamond Cut Ultra for removing heavy to medium swirls.

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